For each of the supported blockchains (networks), the Tangem secure chip generates a unique address. But many popular tokens exist on multiple networks. Because of this, users sometimes confuse addresses and send tokens in one network to an address in another network, making them inaccessible.

In the Tangem mobile application, it is possible to get access to such tokens. You just need to create the custom token with the needed address.

For example, let's imagine that you sent USDT tokens to the Tangem wallet via the BNB Smart Chain network, but set an address on the Ethereum network.

1. Get the smart contract address of the "lost" token

Open the Tangem app, scan your Tangem Wallet and enter your access code.


Click the "Manage tokens" button. A list of supported networks and tokens will open.


Select the token that is "lost". In our example, this is USDT on the BNB Smart Chain network.